Retain & Recruit Staff and Families

  • Advocate for competitive wages and hiring processes for staff

  • Continue and collaborate in the work MPS has started with retaining and recruiting educators of color

  • Consistently provide well-researched, quality curriculum & programs

  • Advocate for culturally relevant, meaningful professional learning for all staff

  • Ensure implementation of culturally relevant curriculum for all students

  • Listen to needs of students, families, and staff and advise district leadership on action to meet these needs

Repair Relationships and Rebuild Trust

  • I pledge to work to understand the school budget so I can better communicate budgetary decisions to the community

  • Practice continuous improvement and sustainable accountability within our system by continually addressing gaps and issues while providing space for feedback

  • Demonstrate transparency through clear communication with district leadership and community members

  • Improve on a culture of collaboration with board members district leadership, union leadership, educators, students, and families

  • Increased access to your board member--I want to hear what your needs are! 

Reclaim Our Success as a District

  • Encourage greater stability in our programs, curriculum and staffing

  • Careful research in advance of making decisions and allowing time for feedback

  • Increase effective use of existing resources, expertise within MPS, and community partnerships

  • Advocate for holistic education--celebrating student achievement in all areas

  • Provide ethical leadership in our district

  • Ensure all schools are inclusive and safe learning environments for all students


Prepared and paid for by Norvell 4 School Board committee,